CombiBio 60 Twin Chamber (TC)

ProfiDrum CombiBio
The ProfiDrum CombiBio is the symbiosis of all our experience in the area of mechanical and biological filtration, resulting in a "Turn key" solution: you just connect the in- and outlets to your pipeworks and connect the power plug. The system is based on the principle of a "moving bed" using the new ProfiDrum biocarrier that is brought into movement using integrated aeration. The system is fully equipped including air pump and integrated high pressure pump (for the RDF cleaning), all contained in a secured and dry chamber *.

The ProfiDrum CombiBio can be delivered in three compact sizes, with a maximum flow of 20m3, 30m3 or 50m3 liters of water. Both our CombiBio 30 and CombiBio50 product can be combined with a specifically designed showerfilter that suits perfectly on top of the filtration system. This add-on is specifically designed for the demanding customer who wants to max out their biological filtration possibilities that exceed the maximum capacity of their CombiBio system.This option is also available for already installed systems and can be retrofitted!

And if you do not want to opt-in for a showerfilter, then check out our CombiBio "30 Twin Chamber", "50 Twin Chamber "and "60 Twin Chamber" that are equipped with two biological chambers! The choice is yours.

The ProfiDrum CombiBio-series includes a control box and high-pressure pump for an effective and efficient cleaning cycle.

* Due to its compact size, the CombiBio 15 has no second biological and dry chamber, and no option for a showerfilter add-on
All RDF parts are constructed in Stainles Steel 316 for maximum structural integrity. Absolutely the most durable solution on the market!
Integrated water-resistant and dry compartment for electronics, motor and airpump (for bio chamber)
All our models feature stainless steel waste chutes as the thick edge of using plastic would result in unacceptable levels of waste build-up on it’s much thicker edges.
The housing of the ProfiDrum CombiBio is fully constructed in PolyPropylene (PP), that can be easily handled for modifications
The bio-chamber is constructed for maximum water flow and houses a full-featured bio-filter based on the “moving bed” principles, certain models have even additional multi-purpose bio-chambers
The Stainless Steel spraybar delivers maximum performance without deforming like plastic, even after many years of full operation!
All in- and outlets are easily accessed for connection to pipeworks and pumps
Integrated rubber air-disk for optimal performance and capacity, even after years of use
Fully electronically controlled and automated cleaning, low water protection to safeguard your equipment and (optional) alarming
Optional Showerfilter add-on

ProfiDrum CombiBio 15 drumfilter - Internals
ProfiDrum CombiBio 15 drumfilter - Side
ProfiDrum CombiBio 15 drumfilter - Closed
ProfiDrum CombiBio 30 drumfilter - Integrated moving bed and Showerfilter
ProfiDrum CombiBio 50 drumfilter - Integrated moving bed and Showerfilter
Profidrum CombiBio 50+ - Drumfilter with moving bed and bio chamber
ProfiDrum CombiBio 30 - Front
ProfiDrum CombiBio 30 - Closed
ProfiDrum CombiBio 50 - Overview
Profidrum CombiBio+ -  Bio Chamber and moving bed combined with drumfilter
ProfiDrum CombiBio 30 and 50 drumfilter combined with Showerfilter