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ProfiDrum is located in the United Kingdom and has emerged from an extraordinary interest in water purification. We are proud to deliver worldwide to our dedicated customers. These customers consist mainly of pond hobbyists, fish farms and specialized companies in the field of water treatment. Since the foundation of our company lies in the filtration of large water reservoirs, we can use our experience and expertise for various projects and standard deliveries.

ProfiDrum makes use of advanced techniques and suppliers to produce innovative products. We select our suppliers based on strict standards and certifications such as ISO-9001, our suppliers have a heart for processing raw materials into quality products!

Together with our partners we use CAD/CAM solutions so that our products always and everywhere meet the exact size legislation. We can also create custom made products, specialized and customized for you based on clear agreements and concerted drawings. With a push of a button we can start producing your products using laser-controlled machines that ensure your product can be reproduced time after time! For our PP-applications (PolyPropylene) we make use of cutting machines based on high pressurised water with the same result!

If you are interested in custom made products, you have come to the right place!

Please address your question using the contact form and we will be in contact.