ProfiDrum Manager | Maximizing availability of your filtration system
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ProfiDrum Manager
In 2013, ProfiDrum introduced their first connected control unit that could interface with a smartphone or tablet, an innovative solution that was followed in the market. ProfiDrum now takes the following leap. All our experiences of these years have lead to the introduction of a whole new way of filtration management named “ProfiDrum Manager”, a new innovative way of interactive and adaptive filtration management!

ProfiDrum Manager inherited predefined and advanced cleaning programs, making our system fully adaptive to changing environments. You experience increasing debris, or your waterlevel is lower than usual as you are performing a water change? No problem for ProfiDrum Manager, based on realtime measurements it quickly adapts by initiating a suitable cleaning program. As a user you experience this by doing less work, as ProfiDrum Manager detects changes in a split second and validates and initiates internal programs. No more shutting down pumps, UVC or other equipment during maintenance as ProfiDrum Manager adapts and restore functionality when possible. It can automatically shut down and start pumps, UVC, and always maximises the availability of your system.

You can interact with the system with any device of choice if you like, and experience this new way of filtration management. ProfiDrum Manager monitors, alarms and reports about your system and act upon it when needed! You don’t have to be “tech-savvy” to use our system, it is designed around ”Plug & Play” principles to get you up to speed as soon as possible.

ProfiDrum Manager is extremely suitable for our ProfiDrum Eco, Stainless and CombiBio systems, but can also manage other brands as well. We offer this possibility to have everyone the possibility to experience what it means to use ProfiDrum products.

ProfiDrum Manager is stacked with advanced possibilities, the list below are examples:

  • Configurable cleaning time from seconds to permanent
  • Configurable cleaning interval (time between two cleaning cycles), only based on probes, or combined
  • Realtime status on system and parameters
  • Adaptive support from our “IntelliClean” programs
  • Fully automated Low Level protection and restore
  • Standard water temperature sensor
  • Integrated UVC connector, including monitoring of burning time
  • Integrated WiFi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Optional pH monitoring system with full integration in presentation layer
  • Optional Alarming using GSM Alarming module that also works during power outage (!)

Below you will find our 6 unique selling points that form the foundation for ProfiDrum Manager, click the arrows for more information:

Easy installation

“Plug and Play” design
ProfiDrum Manager is delivered together with a separate sensor-unit you place in your system of choice, equipped with all sensors to maximise the availability of your filtration system. This sensor-unit is available for gravity and pump-fed systems. Our system is suitable for both situations, ask your dealer for the right cable.

Interactive and adaptive management

Realtime monitoring and reporting
ProfiDrum Manager monitors your system and reports about it. If you don’t want to make use of the integrated Connectivity module then that is OK, the control unit has an easy-to-understand alerting mode using LED’s right on the box so you can understand what is going on.

ProfiDrum Manager actively adapts to your situation, and optimises the cleaning process. You don’t have to experiment with configurations or parameters, we have done that for you and captured this experience in pre-defined cleaning programs. The result of this approach is that the availability of your filtration system is optimised! ProfiDrum Manager allows configuration to tailor the system to your needs (except for the cleaning programs themselves).

ProfiDrum has separated the control-system and the presentation system/use interface. This eliminates the risk for user error resulting in unavailability of your system. No matter what you do, your system is able to run and available at max!

Graphical presentation

User-friendly and rich presentation
Using the integrated Connectivity module ProfiDrum Manager offers realtime and historical reporting functions about your system, cleaning cycles and shows status of modules like temperature and pH. All this from your favourite chair and on your device of choice!

The following pictures are prints from a mobile device (smartphone):

PDM_Mobile_Cleaning PDM_Mobile_Prefs PDM_Mobile_Sensor PDM_Mobile_System


Add new options for water management
ProfiDrum Manager is setup to run, and can be extended with interesting modules.

The design ensures a modular upgrade of your system by adding additional functionality. The integrated Connectivity module opens your ProfiDrum Manager to any device of choice and starts your interactive journey.

On top of the Connectivity module, ProfiDrum Manager can be extended with an Alarming-module and industry-quality pH monitoring.

Internet Ready

Anytime, Anyplace, Any device
ProfiDrum Manager enables connectivity to any device within private or public networks (like internet).

ProfiDrum Manager comes standard with a full-featured WiFi access point to which you can connect. Integration in domestic networks is facilitated by a RJ45 connector (Ethernet).

ProfiDrum Manager is built on the latest technology frameworks, and is practically platform-independent by using industry-standard HTML5 code. This enables you to access ProifiDrum Manager from an extremely wide range of current and future devices!

Alarming and Alerting

Smartphone notification for predefined alarming modes
The Alarming module enables you to be signalled when critical events occur, like water level too low and full power down. Using the integrated power-backup these alarms can be sent without being dependent of your local facilities!

ProfiDrum has chosen this direction, as sending out emails for example is not reliable as your local network (that is needed for that) is possibly not available during a power down! In that case you won’t get signalled leading to all kinds of possible damages.

Using SIM modules, ProfiDrum complies to a reliable and industry-standard solution that has been awarded to be the most reliable solution for this purpose.

In case of questions about ProfiDrum Manager you can find an extensive FAQ (frequently Asked Questions) here. For other questions, please address our dealer network or make use of the contact form.