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ProfiDrum created different product groups that support all different kinds of professional filtration:

  • Mechanical filtration

    Designed to remove the smallest particles from fluids before dissolving and badly influence their quality. For the mechanical filtration ProfiDrum designed the Stainless series and the Eco series. The Stainless is fully designed with the most durable materials in mind and is the best of choice for the demanding user. Fully constructed in Stainless Steel 316, up to 300m3 of pure water flow. The Eco is the economic version for people who opt for PolyPropylene for the housing. The internal structure is based on Stainless Steel 316 because this is the only material that will last for years and being capable to withstand constant pressure
  • Biological filtration

    Based on maximising the potential of modern “bio-carriers” our biological systems breed the best of bacteria for natural cleaning of fluids before dissolved solids and other debris can hurt the overal quality of the fluids. The ProfiDrum BioFilter is the filter of choice: professional biological filtration based on the “moving bed” and “shower” principles (or combined!) and constructed in both Stainless Steel and PolyPropylene (PP)
  • Combination filters

    The best of both worlds combined and tuned in a single housing, and fully “Plug & Play”: you connect the in- and outlets, power and waste and your filtration solution is ready to use! The Combi’s can be found in the CombiBio section: The symbiosis of all our knowledge in mechanical and biological filtration, combined in to a single unified and "Turn Key" filtration system for every form of water purification
  • Accessories

    Although our products are rich in features and possibilities, we have created a separate product group for specific and tailored additions to the mechanical and biological filtration systems, and individual demand: ProfiDrum Connect. For the high-demanding professional we offer the ProfiDrum Manager products, characterised by fully automated filtration management and supportive to a wide range of devices using native HTML5 webpages. Anytime, anywhere and from any device!

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For more information, please visit the product pages by clicking on the logos or selection in the menu. Otherwise you can contact your local dealer or use the contact form for further help.