ProfiDrum Connect | Professional Add-ons to your filtration system

ProfiDrum Connect
With "ProfiDrum Connect", your filtration system can be enhanced even further adding additional components specifically developed for your filtration system or pond. This can be in the range of an additional alarm-module for your control-unit to a fully automated solution for pond monitoring using "domotica" solutions!

Your ProfiDrum already has a firm and strong base of features for longterm pleasure of your investment, but our additional products extend this even more. We have developed extensions, but we do honour customer-specific demands that will be worked out to solid plans and realisation. Please contact your local dealer for possibilities in this case.

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Reduced Installation height

With the optional Reduced Installation Height it is more easy to hide your drumfilter underneath a terras or other constructions. Due to the nature of our RDF a piece of the filtration unit is above waterlevel. In some cases installation can be difficult because of this part above waterlevel, for those cases this option can be a solution.