ProfiDrum FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we maintain a list of "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) that will help visitors to gain knowledge about the way our products work and how they can maximise their value. It does not replace an installation manual (that is delivered to you with the system) but will contain all kind of hints and tips for you. As it will be regularly refreshed make sure you check this page again in time!

ProfiDrum Stainless / Eco / CombiBio


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  • What material is used for the ProfiDrum products?
    All ProfiDrum models feature Stainless Steel drums, because rotational stresses can be very high, so structural integrity is of prime importance if it is to last. The only material capable of delivering this promise is Stainless Steel, as we do not want to give in on quality and durability Stainless Steel is our material of choice.

    All ProfiDrum models have stainless steel band clamps to secure the screens, not jubilee clips, of plastic clips. The ends of the screens are also clamped with stainless clamps.

    Even the Eco models feature stainless steel waste chutes, as the thick edge of using plastic would result in unacceptable levels of waste build-up on it’s much thicker edges.
  • Do products comply to quality standards?
    ProfiDrum filters have heavy-duty German gearboxes, and substantial shafts, couple to the drum with a stainless hub, so that no flexing can occur within the drive system. All ProfiDrum models use American ceramic tipped spray nozzles, whichs can be removed in seconds, and don’t run the risk of damaging the threads of conventional nozzles. These nozzles also use less water for cleaning, than competitors drums. ProfiDrum supply only a very high quality high-pressure pump. We feel that to compromise in this area, could possibly tarnish the ProfiDrum brand.
  • Are ProfiDrum products safe to use?
    ProfiDrum filtration systems have a CE-marking. The CE marking is our declaration that the product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. More information about the CE-marking can be found here.

    All ProfiDrum use a control system that has stood the test of time, with no moving parts. They also feature low level shutdowns. Optional systems can also include GSM failure alert systems, which can be useful in sending SMS messages/emails in the event of drum failure, or power cuts.
  • How about the environment?
    ProfiDrum acknowledges the need for a better environment. We only work with certified partners that add to this mission.

    Our systems are designed to be silent as possible. The high pressure cleaning of drum filters itself causes a lot of noise. The waste chute design of the ProfiDrum models makes our products incredibly quiet compared to others.
  • How much energy does an RDF consume?
    The energy usage of our RDF systems is very limited. Although a high pressure pump is needed for cleaning the mesh and a powerful motor is needed to rotate the drum, these components are only used during cleaning and a cleaning cycle is limited to 15-20 seconds by default. During the high feeding season energy costs are less than 2,50 euros a month dropping down to 0,50 a month during end of autumn to beginning of spring. If you need more information about this please contact us as we can prove this to you, showing that our RDF drumfilters are the most efficient RDF's in the market!


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  • Are these systems maintenance free?
    With a ProfiDrum filter you have or will have one of most effective and self-cleaning system on the market. Sometimes people refer to our systems as being "maintenance-free" but we do not agree. When you forget your system in time it is always a risk that you do not notice a change in circumstances for whatever reason. Therefore we would like to say that we are very proud of the feedback of our users, but DO recommend a weekly check on the system. Just open the lid, it is created for that ;), and do a visual inspection. That's all there is, we call that "maintenance poor".
  • How do I clean the mesh of the RDF-panels?
    Our drumfilters are constructed with a 70micron woven Stainless Steel mesh that hardly needs maintenance. In situations of heavy feeding in combination with high stock rates sometimes the mesh can colour a bit brown with certain quality of food. This is caused by the proteins in the water, and is easily removed with hydrochloric acid.
  • How can I clean the waste-tray?
    The open design of the ProfiDrum filter allow for a visual inspection of possible dirt that remain in the dirt collector. ProfiDrum advises to check the waste tray every week on blocking or jamming piles of debris that may influence the cleaning of the system. Remove these by hand, and clean afterwards by initiating a cleaning cycle (using the "manual" button on the control box). Autumn is not very forgiving to any kind of filtration system due to leaves falling (and hard to transport when wet), so be alert with your visual inspections that time of the season.


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  • Can I use ProfiDrum in gravity, airlift and/or pump-fed situations?
    A ProfiDrum system is equipped by default to run in different compositions. Whether your system is designed for gravity-based filtration, or you prefer to use airlift or pump to feed your mechanical and biological filter line: by adjusting the position of the probes and adjusting the settings of the control box you can run your system any way you like! This flexibility is considered important to us, it keeps the owner in control.
  • What is a default “gravity” setup?
    If you plan to use your ProfiDrum filtration system being fed by Gravity, make sure that that your water level is just below the waste tray. This way you will have maximum efficiency.

    The picture below shows a regular installation based on gravity-fed systems:

    Pond Gravity-fed filtration system
  • What is a default “pump-fed” setup?
    If you plan to use your ProfiDrum filtration system being fed by Pump, it is really simple to change your configuration for that.

    The picture below shows a regular installation based on pump-fed systems:

    Pond Pump-fed filtration system
  • What is a default “Airlift” setup?
    If you plan to use your ProfiDrum filtration system being fed by Airlift, there is not much you need to do. You install your system the same way as a pump-fed system, and adjust the cleaning height using the probes in the drumfilter as desired. That's all there is, just make sure that you do not put your probes too deep as this causes fluctuations in water level downstream.
  • How do I connect my control box?
    Your ProfiDrum manual contains a section on how to connect your control box to your drumfilter. For convenience, we have created an abstract in a separate document that is handy for keeping aside when connecting. Both the manual and the abstract can be found in our document-section and are available for downloading.


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  • Can I use a ProfiDrum in salty conditions?
    If you plan to use your ProfiDrum filtration system in salt water, you do not have to take additional steps other than with regular water. Our RDF filtration systems are built with Stainless Steel 316 which has industry-standard resistance to oxidation processes. All components comply to standards for application in salt(ed) water.
  • Can I use the ProfiDrum products in combination with chemicals?
    In certain cases treatment of water is needed. Our filtration systems are resistant to medicines, oxidation products or any treatment for fish. All components have been thoroughly selected to withstand the strongest treatments.

ProfiDrum Manager


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  • Do I have to connect ProfiDrum Manager to a network?
    No, not at all. The “IntelliClean” program already contains all the logic for an optimised cleaning plan. ProfiDrum Manager alerts you of its activities on the front panel so that you have a visual status. ProfiDrum Manager utilises a RJ45 (Ethernet) connection for connecting to local network(s). When connected to a local network, the built-in web interface enriches the user with information and controls.

    ProfiDrum Manager is designed by the “Plug&Play” principle, our manual contains information on how to integrate ProfiDrum Manager into your local network. You can download your copy in the download-section.

    Please be aware that ProfiDrum can NOT take any responsibility on other components than those delivered by ProfiDrum including your domestic cabling, access router or internet connection.
  • Can I publish / open up ProfiDrum Manager to the internet?
    Yes, you can. ProfiDrum Manager is equipped with an active RJ45 (Ethernet) connector you can use to connect to your home network. With knowledge of your access router, firewall, firewall rules and policies you can open up your domestic internet router and forward (HTML-)requests to ProfiDrum Manager. From whole around the globe!

    Configuration of your domestic network configuration is NOT supported/serviced by ProfiDrum. If you don’t feel comfortable in configuring this yourself, please consult internet-resources or a local ICT-experienced person.
  • I have no active internet connection in the neighbourhood of my filter, am I able to use the graphical presentation options from ProfiDrum Manager in that case?
    No, you can't but we got you! ProfiDrum Manager is only accessible by a cabled connection. Please refer to our manual where we wrote down some hints a tips to extend your network using e.g. PowerLine-adapters to bring a network connection straight into your filtration area.

  • Can I change my settings?
    ProfiDrum Manager is designed to maximise the availability of your filtration system. Using our unique “IntelliClean” programs we have done all the work for you, and adaption of specific parameters is not needed anymore. But if you want to tailor to your own specific needs: yes, we support that. You can even initiate a cleaning cycle directly from your device!
  • Is my ProfiDrum Manager only compatible with Microsoft Windows on a PC?
    Not at all, ProfiDrum has decided to build ProfiDrum Manager on top of current technology frameworks incorporating modern technologies, using HTML5 as the dominant web technology. This ensures a fully supported feature set on any modern device or operating system.

    ProfiDrum Manager has been tested to be compatible with:

    • Windows 7 and higher
    • Mac OSX
    • Linux
    • Android 4x and higher
    • Windows Phone 8 and higher
    • iOS 8 and higher
  • I want to integrate realtime data from ProfiDrum Manager in my own solution, can I?
    This can be done on request, ProfiDrum Manager offers a rich set of information using our API that enables you to retrieve data for further analysis or processing.