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ProfiDrum announcement: ProfiDrum continues as ProfiDrum Ltd

Dear customer,

In recent years you have witnessed a revolution in pond filtration, with ProfiDrum acting as a pioneer by applying the concept of professional drum filters to (koi) ponds. A development that has taken off enormously and has put ProfiDrum on the map as an absolute quality brand. In the following years, we successfully expanded our field of activity with highly professional filtration to fish farms, zoos and universities on a global scale. The name "ProfiDrum" has become synonymous with “quality” and the standard in this field.

We have taken ProfiDrum to where it is now, and it is time to hand over the baton for the next step in professional fluid filtration. For this reason, we announce that we step down and that ProfiDrum is being continued by our respected partners Donna Ramsden and Darren Gray, Managing Director of the English firm ProfiDrum Ltd.

We thank you for your efforts and can proudly say that we will leave our company in very knowledgeable hands, and wish you all the best for the future!

Best regards,

Anke and Jan Hogendoorn
Donna Ramsden and Darren Gray, Managing Director ProfiDrum Ltd.

ProfiDrum launch the CombiBio 30, 50 and 60 with Twin Chamber

Exactly 5 years after launching the CombiBio, this weekend saw leading Rotary Drum Filter manufacturer, ProfiDrum, launch their new CombiBio Twin Chamber (TC) units at the NVN Koi Show in Holland.

ProfiDrum CombiBio featuring drumfilter (RDF), moving bed technology and Mountain Tree Bacteria House

The new CombiBio TC units feature 2 biological filter chambers following an RDF filter, all in one compact unit.  The first bio chamber contains the ever popular moving bed media, the second chamber the recently introduced Mountain Tree Bacteria House Ceramic filter media.

The unit comes in 2 sizes, the CombiBio 50 TC with a maximum flow rate of 50,000 l/h (11,111gph), and the CombiBio 60 TC with a maximum flow of 65,000 l/h (14,444gph).

For more information about the product, availability and pricing contact ProfiDrum or your local area distributor.

ProfiDrum and Koi Water Barn Dubai agree Middle East distribution

Agreement Koi Water Barn Dubai and ProfiDrum

Great news for our friends in the Middle East!

ProfiDrum, the leading Rotary Drum Filter (RDF) manufacturer, have signed an agreement with Koi Water Barn Dubai to distribute our range of products throughout the Middle East.

The agreement expands the already global network of distributors and resellers which includes Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam.

For more information on Koi Water Barn Dubai visit –

ProfiDrum introduces: Stainless 250, massive capacity for specialized solutions

ProfiDrum has established its name and products in the area of water purification for ponds. During the growth of the company we tapped into several other areas of industry where fluid purification is of great importance. For this reason you can find our products at numerous locations. One of the examples is the food industry, and in the example below shows the delicate process of hatching and growing crab for the food industry.

We applied a huge drum that is able to handle 250.000 liter/hour for this purpose, the ProfiDrum Stainless 250! In the most durable materials of course, for both sweet and salt water, as it must be built to last!

ProfiDrum an Crab farms are friends!

If you need a specialised solution for your business, please contact us and we make it work.

Enjoy the movie about the project:

Showerfilter add-on for our CombiBio products

Our CombiBio product is a turn-key solution for people who just want to enjoy their pond without the hassle. Equipped with an internal moving bed system it is a great combination of mechanical and biological filtration. There are many different ways of biological filtration. each with their own (dis-)advantages, so we have now created a great solution for people who want to combine the compactness of the CombiBio with the advantages of a shower filter!

Both for the CombiBio model 50 and 30, a shower filter can now be added on top of it! A great solution for expanding your biological capacity and maximizing biological filtration:

CombiBio showerfilters as addon to your ProfiDrum CombiBio system

We have ensured you can retrofit our Showerfilters on already installed systems as well! Contact your local dealer to get informed about this great add-on or visit our productpage on the website. The showerfilter comes without biocarrier by default so you can use any material of your choice. You just connect a pump and you are ready to go.

Expanding our distributor network in the USA!

ProfiDrum USA would like to welcome another 2 new vendors to our rapidly expanding Dealer Network:

If you are looking for the best pre-filters & filtration equipment on the market today contact either one of these companies or check out for a dealer near you!

Filtration for Mangrove forest Royal Burgers' Zoo

At 15:30 on Thursday, 13 July, 2017, Burgers’ Zoo has opened an extraordinary new ecosystem: Burgers’ Mangrove. ProfiDrum was present at the opening as proud supplier of the advanced filtration systems from this prestigious project. The manatees and other habitants of the mangrove have 1,2 million liters of water at their disposal that is filtered through five major ProfiDrum 75e drumfilters.

This project is realised in partnership and represents our capabilities for highly tailored specialised solutions. Go Mangrove habitants!

Mangrove Forest Royal Burgers Zoo 1

Mangrove Forest Royal Burgers Zoo 3
Mangrove Forest Royal Burgers Zoo 2

ProfiDrum Distributor change in USA

Effective immediately, ProfiDrum announces that “Bridge Way Koi” has handed over the distributorship for our products to Koi Acres. Koi Acres is now the designated importer / distributor and primary contact for ProfiDrum products. We are proud on all the achievements of Norman Walsh of Bridge Way Koi and the friendship we established, and we are confident that Koi Acres can continue his work. Koi Acres is very happy to help you in your questions and installations and can be reached using the following contact details:

Technical Help with Design & Application:
Mike Swanson - – 612.919.4239

Ordering and Shipping questions:
Michael Swanson Jr.- – 855.Koi. Shop (1.855.564.7467)

ProfiDrum CombiBio 15: for the smaller ones

ProfiDrum introduces the new ProfiDrum Combi Bio 15! Designed for the smaller pond or Quarantine/grow on facility, built with the same outstanding quality materials. The ProfiDrum Combi Bio 15 comes complete with stainless steel 316 internals with an integrated (biological) moving bed filter, and has a recommended flow of up to 15-20 m3 per hour. Of course, designed with the use of energy-efficient pumps in mind, to get the maximum return on your investment. All this in a very compact unit, ask your dealer for availability in your country (availability will be soon in most countries).

CombiBio 15 side CombiBio 15 topview

For more information please use our dealer network or use the contact form. All information is also disclosed in the special product pages!

New website online

Today our new website has gone live! We tried to further improve the experience on computer and mobile devices with the concept of "a single click away" in mind. Clean product pages, clear and crisp photos of the products, and improved navigation to help you presenting our products.

Please visit our Facebook-page as well and press "Like" if you appreciate it, thank you for that in advance!

ProfiDrum introduces the ProfiDrum Biofilter serie

ProfiDrum announces a new family of products: the ProfiDrum BioFilter serie!

BioFilter family

Designed for superb biological filtration, based on "shower" or "moving bed" principles. They go hand-in-hand with our Stainless or Eco RDF's, but can be retrofitted with any other filtration system as well.

High capacity, high value... it is a ProfiDrum.

for more information please use our dealer network or use contact form. All information is also disclosed in the special product pages!

ProfiDrum introduces the CombiBio filtration systems

In addition to our RDF filtration lines, we are now ready to introduce the next stage of full cycle filtration, the ProfiDrum CombiBio. This filtration systems combines the power of our RDF filtration systems with the world of biological filtration.

ProfiDrum Combi BIO 50 -1ProfiDrum Combi BIO 50 - 2

The ProfiDrum CombiBio is the symbiosis of all our experience in the area of mechanical and biological filtration, resulting in a "Turn key" solution: you just connect the in- and outlets to your pipeworks and connect the power plug. The system is based on the principle of a "moving bed" using a special ProfiDrum biocarrier that is brought into movement using integrated aeration. The system is fully equipped including air pump and integrated high pressure pump (for the RDF cleaning), all contained in a secured and dry chamber. Our reliable controlling unit is the partner of choice to the integrated drum, just as with our regular drumfilters. And of course, the filter is delivered with a reduced installation height, and cover (transparent one optionally available!). Integrated UVC is optional.

The ProfiDrum CombiBio can be delivered in two compact sizes, with a maximum flow of 30m3 or 50m3 liters of water (around 7500 and 12500 gallons of water)

Please check our product page or press the logo below

ProfiDrum Combi Bio logo

Judged by the best!

At the European Shinkokai, held in the Netherlands from 30th of May till 1st of June te Rijswijk, a respectable amount of Japanese breeder-wizards was present, judging the high-class Nishikigoi in competition. Among these breeders were (from left to right):

  • Manabu Yamazaki (Yamazaki Koi Farm)
  • Ryu Mano (Izumiya Koi Farm)
  • Hiroki Ueno (Ueno Koi Farm)
  • Yuji Tanaka (Okawa Koi Farm)
  • Takahiro Litsuke (Matsue Koi Farm)
  • Shigeyoshi Tanaka (Marujyi Koi Farm)

Now that ProfiDrum has officially set ground for the first Japanese installations, we asked the breeders what they thought about our products and their spontaneous reaction make us feel proud of what we create for koi-keepers around the globe!

Domo arrigato for this tremendous response!

- The ProfiDrum series are approved by the top notch Japanese breeders!

Reduced Installation Height option available!

For customers who demand an extremely low installation height we have some good news! After an extensive period of testing we now offer this as an option when ordering your RDF-system. It can be ordered both on our ProfiDrum ECO and ProfiDrum Stainless series.

This option is without additional costs, ask your local agent for further details.

ProfiDrum met verlaagde spraybar en inbouwhoogte van 10 centimeter

A family picture of our ProfiDrum Eco-series

For the year 2013 - 2014 we have introduced some new/updated models, technology and engineering methods for our ProfiDrum Eco series, and improved the housing of the drumfilter. All these improvements have lead to the best we offer at this moment, so we are proud to present you a family picture of our current ECO-models:

Collection 2013 - 2014 ProfiDrum ECO-series

If you have any questions regarding (the usage of) our products, please don't hesitate to contact us or your local representative. We aim at delivering you the best filtration experience in the market!

Koi Awards 2012: ProfiDrum awarded runner-up in category "Best Pond filter"

In the election of the "Koi Awards 2012" by leading UK-magazine "Koi Carp", ProfiDrum has been awarded with the runner-up price for "Best Pond Filter" right after the biological Nexus filter of Evolution Aqua. This award is a recognition and confirmation that our drumfilter products are top-edge pre-filtration products, and motivates us even more to maintain or even increase our distance to competitor products in this area of filtration systems.

We sincerely would like to thank Koi Carp magazine to facilitate the awards, and of course all their readers for voting for our product!



CE-marking for all our products

We are pleased to announce that all our ProfiDrum Stainless and ProfiDrum Eco products are CE-certified from now on! CE Marking on a product is a manufacturer's declaration that the product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. After thorough testing ProfiDrum has been granted the right to use the marking without any restraint.

CE Marking

Our products will be stickered and a CE-certificate is accompanied!

ProfiDrum introduces the ProfiDrum Eco series

At the end of February a whole new line of products has been introduced to the audience of the Winter Koi Show in cooperation with Mike Snaden of Yume Koi: de ProfiDrum Eco serie! Next to our professional stainless steel solutions we now offer all our knowledge and expertise in a PP (PolyPropylene) solution. With this introduction our quality products will come available for a smaller budget.

ProfiDrum wants no concessions to the characteristics that make our products so popular: durability, reliability and quality is what we stand for. For this reason, we continue to deliver all critical parts of our solutions in stainless steel only!

ProfiDrum Eco Introduction with YumekoiProfiDrum Eco Introduction with Yumekoi 2