BioFilter 40

ProfiDrum BioFilter
Our BioFilter product serie consists of biological filtration units that can easily be added to existing filtration systems. They are the best companion for our RDF-solutions from the ProfiDrum Stainless and Eco series, and together they create an unbeatable combination.

Our systems based on the principle of “moving bed” and are supplied with a unique and patented bio-carrier that maximises effectiveness of the filtration process. The systems can be placed above and below water level, depending on where you place the inlets and outlets. Our systems based on the “shower” principle also facilitate an excellent growth of the bacteria we thrive to have. These systems must be placed above water level.

The “moving bed” systems are delivered in a PolyPropylene (PP) housing, our “shower” models are supplied in a PolyPropylene (PP). The systems are modular built, and are easily extensible when more filtration capacity is needed in the future.

Fully stackable units and therefore easy adaptable to capacity needs
Easy to connect with mainstream components
Our filters based on “moving bed” principles can host our unique ProfiDrum Bio Carrier met de unieke ProfiDrum BioCarrier
The housing of the ProfiDrum CombiBio is fully constructed in PolyPropylene (PP), that can be easily handled for modifications
Integrated rubber air-disk for optimal performance and capacity, even after years of use

BioFilter 40

ProfiDrum Biofilter 40 - Moving bed filtration

Flow: 40.000 l/h
Inlet: 4 x 110 mm
Outlet: 2 x 110 mm
L x B x H: 135 x 84 x 100 cm

75 liters of biocarrier included
ProfiDrum BioFilter 25 and 40 family
ProfiDrum Biofilter - Professional moving bed systems
ProfiDrum BioFilter - Professional biofilter systems