Stainless 55

ProfiDrum Stainless
The ProfiDrum Stainless series is fully developed and constructed in Stainless Steel 316, for both static and moving parts. Inlets and outlets are sufficiently dimensioned to top your desired flow. The filters are covered with industrial filter panels with a woven stainless steel mesh of 70 microns. On request, different mesh sizes are certainly possible as well as nylon or polyester mesh.

The ProfiDrum Stainless-series includes a control box and high-pressure pump for an effective and efficient cleaning cycle.

All RDF parts are constructed in Stainles Steel 316 for maximum structural integrity. Absolutely the most durable solution on the market!
All ProfiDrum models have stainless steel band clamps, not plastics, to deal with torsional forces
All our models feature stainless steel waste chutes as the thick edge of using plastic would result in unacceptable levels of waste build-up on it’s much thicker edges.
Well-dimensioned reception for visible inspection and accessibility
The waste chute can be easily dismounted for detailed internal inspection
The Stainless Steel spraybar delivers maximum performance without deforming like plastic, even after many years of full operation!
All ProfiDrum models are equipped with a comfortable amount of inlets and outlets
Fully electronically controlled and automated cleaning, low water protection to safeguard your equipment
Equipped with a standard bypass possibility

Stainless 55

ProfiDrum Stainless 55 high quality drumfilter

Flow: 35.000 l/h
Inlet: 4 x 110 mm
Outlet: 3 x 110 mm
Waterlevel: 54 cm
L x B x H: 87 x 65 x 65 cm
Profidrum Stainless 55 drumfilter - Backside
Profidrum Stainless 55 drumfilter - Inside
Profidrum Stainless 55 drumfilter - Drum closed
Profidrum Stainless 55 drumfilter - Front
Profidrum Stainless 65 drumfilter - Backside
Profidrum Stainless 65 drumfilter - Front
Profidrum Stainless 65 drumfilter - Closed top
Profidrum Stainless 65 drumfilter - Top view
Profidrum Stainless 65E drumfilter - Backside
Profidrum Stainless 65E drumfilter - Closed
Profidrum Stainless 75 drumfilter - Opened
Profidrum Stainless 75 drumfilter - Details